A Journey to the Edge of Europe

Granta (2 February, 2017)

Greywolf Press (September 2017)



‘In Kassabova’s study, these tragic borderlands are brought to life with poetic grace, and her interaction with their inhabitants confers a haunting power on her journey.’


Colin Thubron



‘Kassabova writes with such energy and style that you feel she could visit the dullest place on earth and make it burst into life. But she has found somewhere extraordinary, full of dazzling human stories played out against a ceaseless round of brutal wars and shifting empires. A brilliant and hugely satisfying book’


Philip Marsden



‘This book hums with the mystery, superstition, and terrible beauty of a place crushed between man-made borders but also defiantly announcing its sacred otherness. I can’t stop thinking about it’


Frances Stonor Saunders


BORDER, UK cover

Provisional US cover, Greywolf press