BORDER, UK cover


A Journey to the Edge of Europe

Granta (2 February, 2017)

Greywolf Press (September 2017)



‘In Kassabova’s study, these tragic borderlands are brought to life with poetic grace, and her interaction with their inhabitants confers a haunting power on her journey.’


Colin Thubron



‘Kassabova writes with such energy and style that you feel she could visit the dullest place on earth and make it burst into life. But she has found somewhere extraordinary, full of dazzling human stories played out against a ceaseless round of brutal wars and shifting empires. A brilliant and hugely satisfying book’


Philip Marsden



‘This book hums with the mystery, superstition, and terrible beauty of a place crushed between man-made borders but also defiantly announcing its sacred otherness. I can’t stop thinking about it’


Frances Stonor Saunders


Provisional US cover, Greywolf press


A tango story

‘An exquisitely crafted blending of travelogue, memoir, dance history and some seriously good writing on the human condition, it delves deep into the obsessive nature of tango and vividly depicts a world full of beauty and heartbreak, love and loss.’


The Independent



'The exoticism here is reminiscent of Somerset Maugham's Borneo Stories and the quasi-hallucinogenic experiences of Paul Bowles's The Sheltering Sky.'





Translated into English by Kapka Kassabova.


Absurd, painfully funny and deeply sad, Circus Bulgaria reaches straight into the cracked heart of post-Communist Europe like no other book before. Drawing on the monsters and myths of Balkan folklore, the brutal reality of the Communist regime, and the dazzling magic of Deyan Enev's imagination, this original and inventive collection of stories has a surreal, hypnotic quality.'




Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria


"Not many books on the travel shelves have the force of revelation, but this one does. Kapka Kassabova leads us into a country most of us have hardly read about with an elegant assurance, an acid wit and a heart-rending precision that can make you see the world quite differently. This book is a treasure."


Pico Iyer



Penguin NZ 1999

Winner of 2000 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book in South-East Asia and Pacific region Short-listed for 1999 Montana Book Awards Deutz Medal for Best Book of Fiction.


Penguin NZ 1999